16 Sep 2019

Within the framework of the partnership between the Development Action Without Borders Association (Nabaa) and the Embassy of Finland, and the renewal of the cooperation to protect girls from early marriage and ensure their right to education in Akkar region, an agreement for new phase of partnership was signed in the embassy between Nabaa' Chairman / General Director – Dr. Qassem Saad and the Ambassador of Finland Tarja Fernández.
Dr. Saad handed the Ambassador the document of the human, economic and social rights of Palestinian refugees, as Dr. Saad summarized through his speech the contents of the document that highlights all violations of the rights of Palestine refugees with what is required In particular, in the field of the right to work and the measures taken by the Ministry of Labor, Ambassador Fernández expressed her interest in the document as she also appreciated the role of the Naba'a in mitigating the negative effects of early marriage for  girls and support their right to complete their education at the level of Akkar area and at the national level through advocate a series to ban early marriage and it's limitation by 18 years only and the adoption of compulsory and free education law until the secondary level.