As an organization committed to the full and unconditional implementation of the Articles of the Convention on the rights of the Child, we believe that advocating in favor of these rights is fundamental to our work. We firmly believe that communities based on respect for these fundamental rights will be healthier, safer and stronger and will create environments in which children can develop, physically, socially and emotionally; reaching their potential.

Naba’a works through this program to raise awareness on these rights. The work is primarily based around the rights of the child but also covers the rights of young people, women and the general situation regarding the poor and refugee communities.

As well as raising awareness amongst children, local communities, schools, NGOs, service providers and public authorities, we aim to highlight rights violations. By monitoring, understanding and campaigning against these, this program aims to reduce and ultimately eradicate their occurrence.

By working closely with local communities we hope to better understand rights issues and tailor this program to the needs and issues we discover. We aim to stand up for the most vulnerable members of society whilst at the same time offering them the skills, information and confidence they need to stand up for themselves. This is done through our training and awareness raising activities.

This program aims to develop the advocacy skills of community members and groups. This empowers them to be able to influence decision-makers and service providers, encouraging them to consider and implement policies and provide good quality services, which address the issues important to the community.

We aim to:

  • Create an environment where the Articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child can be fully put into practice, especially relating to education, participation and protection.
  • Raise awareness among children about the rights they should have, and give them the skills, materials and abilities to stand up for those rights.
  • Raise awareness of child rights issues within the community and the institutions that provide services to children and young people.
  • Monitor, analyze and highlight examples of right’s violations in an effort to ensure that these are minimized and ultimately eradicated.
  • Develop and strengthen the relations, cooperation and networking amongst organizations, sharing experiences and best practice to advocate more effectively on rights issues.