Memorial Ceremony

17 April 2014

A Martyr for Humanity.  Today we lost a friend, a man who used to make children and adults laugh, Tarek Ahmad el Safadi, community worker for Developmental Action without Borders Organization, Nabaa. Today, 700 people including the Mayor’s representatives, political parties, local and international NGOs and key people from the Lebanese and Palestinian communities attended a memorial ceremony organized by Nabaa for their beloved Tarek.  The ceremony began with a minute of silence followed by the Lebanese and Palestinian anthem and pathos poetry.

Mr Raed Ataya, representative of Nabaa Chairman, Mr Qassem Saad delivered a speech on his behalf.  Mr. Ataya praised Tarik’s social and aid role; in addition he described Tarik’s life in Nabaa since becoming a volunteer in 2006 to his passing on the 7th of April 2014.

Tarek’s friends had their own stories.  They spoke about the beautiful years that they had spent together, their smiles, their own happy memories that then became sad ones.  “Tarek was the one that brought everybody together”. They added that Tarek was their role model and that he gave them hope in humanitarian work. Finally they wished him to rest in peace.

His brother Mohammad delivered Tarek’s family speech.  He spoke passionately about his beautiful memories of Tarek and said that his tears and sadness would never go away because of the tragic way that Tarek´s life was taken, for no reason. Mohammad also spoke about the sacrifices made by Tarek and his dedication to his family, when Tarek had helped him to continue his university studies because he couldn’t do it himself. Mohammad ended his speech wishing for Tarek to rest in peace away from treachery. 

Mr Majid Hamatto, from local Gather spoke about Tarek´s role and stressed the important of people’s rights to ensure a stable, secure situation

Mr. Abd el Nassir el Saadi gave a speech on behalf of the youth groups and expressed his sadness over Tarek as well as speaking about some of his achievements with young people.

The children’s speech was delivered by Mohammad Zahran who talked about how Tarek used to bring smiles to children’s faces and how somebody like that did not deserve to die in such a manner, that he deserved to live and that the children missed him.

Mr. Moussa Moussa represented the first aid unit from the Human Call Foundation.  He spoke about Tarek’s role as a volunteer and the help he gave to those in need.

The ceremony included a documentary video about Tarek’s life at Nabaa and booklets about him were distributed to glorify his memory.