Project "For her dignity – health, food and protection against violence for women and girls in Lebanon 2023-2025

17 May 2023

For her dignity – health, food and protection against violence for women and girls in Lebanon


Lebanon is witnessing a deep economic, financial and political crisis that has left 82% of the total population suffering from multidimensional poverty. Syrian refugees and the majority of Palestinian refugees are living in extreme poverty. The inability to satisfy the basic life needs has led to, among other things, family tensions, violence against women and sexual exploitation. In most cases, women do not seek help because they are financially dependent on the perpetrator or have no information on where to get help. They also have less and less access to sexual and reproductive health services due to lack of financial resources.

The project's activities contribute to a more dignified life of more than 1700 Syrian and Palestinian refugee women and marginalized Lebanese women through individual and group psychosocial support, legal support and health care. In addition, the project educates and raises awareness on gender-based violence and gender equality through workshops for more than 2,400 women, men and young people and 30 duty bearers. Through three awareness-raising campaigns and nine open days, the project also raises awareness of gender-based violence among the general public.

In addition, the project provides access to gynaecological care and educates women and girls  on sexual and reproductive health. 300 of the most vulnerable women, who are supporting their families, will also receive food assistance. All these activities will contribute to the dignity, self-esteem and well-being of the women involved.