Anti – Drugs Social Educational Centers

30 Jun 2016

There are many problems that can lead an individual to succumb to drugs.  It could be problems with family, the community, the successive wars, psychological and biological factors, social, economic and low level education, poverty or violence.  

The menace of drugs threatens the foundation of communities and destroys young people’s hope and by extension that of the community as youth represent the backbone of society.  This threat has to be faced with courage in order to destroy the roots of the problem. Naba’a has been working to provide protection and reduce risks of drug abuse and addiction by introducing skills that promote positive and healthy life choices. The project targets children, youth and adolescents in Saida and Tyre and Palestinian refugee camps.


Involved in the project are Saida and Tyre municipalities, Universities, Governmental schools, UNRWA schools and vocational training centers.