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The Massive Explosion / Beirut

Tuesday evening, the capital Beirut was shaken by   huge explosion at the seaport, which completely destroyed the port and damaged nearly 75,000 houses adjacent to the port. The port and surrounding neighborhoods are now a wasteland of devastated buildings and crushed vehicles. With smoke still rising at the blast site, rescue workers are digging through the rubble in search of victims trapped underneath. Health officials said the blast killed 135 people and wounded about 5,000 and Hundreds of people have been left homeless. Families have posted pictures of loved ones on an Instagram page that's been set up for the 83 missing person! Even before the explosion, Lebanon already had more than its share of calamities. An extended economic crisis has thrown its currency into a free fall, a situation worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this situation,  the most vulnerable families  alongside the sea side  become more  vulnerable and experiencing  more challenges and problems effecting their daily life especially when it’s come to shelter, Hygiene and food items .


A small action equals a big change #Beirut#

Naba’a has developed an urgent appeal, aims to meet the urgent and basic needs of families whom have been affected directly by the explosion by providing them with basic tools and materials to enable them to restore what have been lost by the explosion.

Providing the immediate basic food and core relief items for the most vulnerable population affected by the horrifying blast in Port of Beirut. Mitigate the effects of the deteriorating general situation in an attempt of the economic crisis Lebanon is passing through. In addition, people were already scared of corona, which started to subside in the middle of March and then the explosion happened. So, the devastating explosion accelerated the country's coronavirus outbreak, as thousands flooded into hospitals in the wake of the blast, and the number of casualties is still exponentially increasing.




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Bank Name: BLC Bank SAL

Bank Address: BLC Bank Building, Adlieh square, 2064-5809 Beirut, Lebanon

Phone number: 961 1 387 000 Fax number: 961 1 429 000


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Address: BLC BANK Saida Branch Tel: 07-722330 -31 -32

Account #: 1-00718727

IBAN#: LB10 0011 0000 0000 1241 0071 8727

Swift code: LICOLBBX