We Campaign for Communities Where Children’s Rights Have a Voice

Enabling Rights and Participation

To be inclusive is a core value of Naba’a in terms of equal participation, equal treatment and equal rights. This implies that all people, including refugees, the poor, women, ethnic and religious minorities, indigenous people and other disadvantaged groups, have the right to participate meaningfully in decisions that affect them. It also means that governance institutions and policies are accessible, accountable and responsive to disadvantaged groups, protecting their interests and providing diverse populations with equal opportunities for public services such as justice, health and education.


Immediate Outcomes:

  • Advice is provided to the international community, local, regional, international NGOs and UN agencies, raising awareness on the problems and challenges facing refugees.
  • Local and regional stakeholders gain know-how and develop organizational mechanisms on children’s rights, gender issues, nondiscrimination, complaints, disability and CRC reporting.
  • Children’s and stakeholder’s participation in evidence-based advocacy and reporting is enhanced.  Their consolidated views can be presented to service providers and policy makers.
  • Policy maker’s understanding of the rights, needs and challenges faced by marginalized groups in their daily life is improved.
  • Child-focused policies and practices to protect young people from online abuse and exploitation are established within governments and communities