A Discussion Session on the Most Prominent Issues in Ain-EL Helweh Camp

04 Dec 2020

Behavioral change is a strategy related to the environment surrounding the individual and the recognized behavioral elements that must be developed.
Accordingly, Developmental Action Without Borders - Naba'a held a discussion session with a group of activists in Ain El-Helweh camp at Ain El-Helweh Community Developmental Center, on the most prominent issues facing children within Palestinian communities, such as cyber violence, early marriage, school dropout, sexual harassment and others. In addition to identifying the causes such as: financial distress as a result of the economic crisis, lack of awareness among parents, and the consequences of these issues. 
In addition, a set of suggestions were presented on how to empower communities to promote children's behavior in a positive way, such as counseling and awareness campaigns for parents and children, help with getting children's supplies, and monitoring content on social media and Internet.