A Consultative Meeting with a Group of Young Adults and Members at Abbasiya Municipality

03 Nov 2020

As part of the community support project and in partnership with UNICEF and Municipality of Abbasiya, Developmental Action Without Borders - Nabaa team conducted a consultative meeting with a group of young people with presence municipal council members. The meeting included a discussion about problems and issues that children and young people suffer from in Abbasiya.  
During the meeting, the youth focused on the most prominent issues and problems such as:  
bullying, learning difficulties in the context of COVID19 pandemic, especially distance learning, verbal and physical violence, children's rights during Corona pandemic and its dangers, the difficulties that children suffer as a result of quarantine and the high risk of infection, the role that young people can take in raising awareness within community groups about virus transmission, also raising their awareness about the non-stigma and bullying that patients suffer from, as well as supporting them psychologically and socially until quarantine period is over to maintain a good mental health.  
In addition to municipality role in reducing the spread of coronavirus, and the decisions to be issued against cafes, shops, places of gathering sit-ins, strict enforcement of public safety conditions.