Open Day on Drugs in LIU University

14 May 2013

Developmental Action without Borders Organization, Nabaa, launched an Anti-Drug open day within the framework of the “Anti-Drug Certified Centers” Project.  The day, entitled “Addiction is Expensive…The price is your life” was launched in the International University in Saida. The activities focused on addiction, risks, cause and effect.  The program also aimed to raise awareness amongst young people in Saida and its camps. Nabaa said that one of their objectives was to mobilize young people and encourage them to get involved in this sensitive social problem. The day included a short film on addiction produced by a group of girls from Saida Governmental Secondary School as well as other activities in self-expression, signing a petition and an educational competition on drug addiction. 

Ihasan Farahat who participated in the day said that the activities were productive and that they day fulfilled its objectives by presenting the risks and side effects of drugs and addiction.  Fatmeh Nasir who also participated commented “The level of involvement proved that young people are concerned and ready to work against drug addiction.” 

Previously Nabaa implemented a study on drug addiction in old Saida, where 30% of sales in one pharmacy were for neuroleptic medicine.  The percentage of addicted males to this drug is close to that of women.  Of the 598 addicts arrested, 435 of them are addicted to hroyen, 289 to cocaine, 23 on propane products, 163 on narcotics and 27 on anti-histamines.  30 of those arrested were under 18 years old and 549 were aged between 19 and 25 years, 620 between 26 and 35 years and 104 are aged above 36.