The Marathoon

29 Sep 2014

Nabaa, in partnership with the European Union and in cooperation with the Tyre municipality, the Lebanese Union for athletics and the Pheneocia club launched a marathon in Tyre city.  The event was sponsored by MAP, TDH ITALY, DIAKONIA, WARCHILD, BU, al Afaq VTC, Kaddo Ghamloush, Sawt al Farah media, Supersine, Yousif al Zaghir and Hassan Hasanin.

The marathon carried message for peace surrounding the current tense situation in the region. The youth and children expressed their messages in their own ways.  They exhibited art and performed songs for peace. 1,321 children, youth and women ran for peace and around 2,000 people participated from local and international communities.


We ran for the Humanity...We ran for peace.

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