Early Marriage

12 July 2019

Developmental action without borders /Nabaa’ in partnership with Malala Fund have implemented a field visit within the framework of Malala project, the field visit was resided on observing the training which was being conducted for girls and their social and educational situations in these poor and marginalized areas as well, the project targets the areas of Akkar and Tripoli of Lebanese and Syrian nationalities from the age of 14 to 18 years of age.

Mrs. Hiba Hamzi, Program Coordinator at Developmental action without borders/Nabaa, started by introducing the project, its importance and objectives to the mayor of Al-Muhamara, Abdul-Moneim Othman. In turn, the Mayor of Al-Muhamara welcomed the project and expressed his direct cooperation for the benefit of girls and the community and commended the efforts of Nabaa’ in its ongoing tender and serving marginalized groups. Abdel Moneim spoke about some of the solutions and important points in order to alleviate this phenomenon.

 As well as,Compulsory education for secondary level in schools   and  the importance of education sessions focused on family counseling and how parents deal with children about the importance of education for girls for a happy life, early marriage and its negative impact and the obstacles facing this marriage.