Humanitarian Services Exhibition

30 Nov 2018

Developmental Action without Borders / Nabaa’ has conducted the Humanitarian Services Exhibition under the framework of “The Multi- purpose cash assistance to the most vulnerable Palestinian refugees from Syria (PRS) Female HHs in six Palestinian refugee’s camps project”. 
14 civil organizations in Tyr area and about 500 visitors, mostly women have been participated in the exhibition. A priority exercise has been carried out and involved 10 refugee women as well as five women made recommendations on their priorities.
The result of the exercise indicate that the most priority reside on shelter “rent and rehabilitation” with a score 6/10.  Also 6/10 have Selected hospitalization, medicine and health services. Whereas, 4/10 considered that the priority is for food. However, 2/10 have considered that the priority is for education and specifically for transportation, despite the free education.

After that, the audience go round the corners, which varied in their services   as Al Kayan association with regards to its health services, whereas Women Charity League and Al Najdeh association concerning the mental health, and educational support and psychosocial activities and awareness with Solidarity association for Social and Cultural Development (Tadamon), 
Cash assistance and medical and food aid by the Humanitarian Society. And vocational training and activities with women program association, al afak institution and CIS College. Whereas all services that relate to refugees regarding legal, financial and health services... with UNRWA.