Graduation Ceremony

12 Nov 2018

Developmental Action without Borders / Nabaa’ in partnership and funded by UNICEF have organized a graduation ceremony for accelerated vocational training students within the framework of the Youth Empowerment Project in which it includes men makeover, women makeover , general electricity and computer courses.

The celebration was held in Hasbaya municipality as it included a speech by Nabaa’ association and  Hasbaya International institution as well as words of the graduates, in the presence and participation of many municipalities, the participation of clerics, political and social actors and the participation of NGO’s.

In conclusion, participants from students, actors and clerics have praised the developmental role that is being played by Nabaa’ association in the region as well as the municipal officials expressed their willingness to provide the support needed for Nabaa’ association to continue its developmental work with their thanks and appreciation for the role of UNICEF.