An honorable visit to the ambassador of the kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon

30 Aug 2018

In recognition and appreciation of the role and effort of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon in supporting the issues of Palestinian and Syrians refugees as well as Lebanese society, Developmental Action without Borders (Nabaa’) conducted an honorable visit to the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon” Mr. Jan Waltmans“, in which Nabaa’Chairman / General Director Dr. Qassem Saad presented honorary Shield, in the presence and participation of  the senior policy officer in the Netherland Embassy Dr. Vida Hamad.
During the meeting, a discussion took place concerning issues related to the situation of refugees in Lebanon especially the Palestinians as well as the challenges facing them and the most notably fears related to  the suspension of funding for UNRWA and its consequences that result in negative feedback in which things may get out of control depending on the internal and external factors surrounding the refugee issue.
The Ambassador has shown great interest in youth issues, especially with respect to employment opportunities, community participation and activating their role in the public life. Add to this, the two parties agreed on strengthening the coordination and cooperation in the near future.