A field visit to some municipalities

23 Jan 2018

Within the framework of the project under the title of "Early Marriage" that is being implemented by Developmental Action without Borders / Nabaa’ in partnership with the Finnish Embassy, a field visit to some municipalities - Mahmara - Borg El Arab - Brakail was held on Tuesday 23 January 2018 in the presence of the Program Coordinator of the Finnish embassy Ms. Thouraya Naser Eddine and the program coordinator of Nabaa’ association Mrs. Hiba Hamzi.
The purpose of this visit is to shed the light on the main problems that the girls are suffering from as well as the social and educational conditions in these marginalized areas, which aims to enable the local community to contribute to prevent early marriage.
The Program Coordinator at Nabaa’ Mrs. Hiba Hamzi introduced Naba’a main strategic interventions and main programs which are implemented targeting the most marginalized groups, particularly the adolescent and young girls. Add to this, the coordinator of programs at the Finnish Embassy did an orientation about the project, its importance and its objectives for the mayors. The municipalities also welcomed the project and expressed their direct cooperation for the benefit of girls and the community.