World Refugee Day

23 Jun 2014

Developmental Action without Borders organization, Naba’a, in partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and UNICEF commemorated World Refugee Day on Friday 20th of May 2014 in Borj Shamali camp, Tyre and Ein el Helwi camp, Saida. Around six hundred people attended the two commemoration ceremonies, among which were Palestinian refugees from Lebanon and Syria and representatives from Save the Children, popular committees, the PLO and the coalition forces. 

The ceremonies consisted of several small plays and Palestinian folkloric dances, performed by children from Naba’a and Siraj Al Aouda troupe. In addition, a testimony was presented by an old lady refugee who survived the Nakba – the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948.  She described what happened back then and told the attendees of all the horrors they went through due to the destruction and displacement of people. 

During the two ceremonies a speech was given by Naba’a, which shed light on the refugees´ hardships, the right way to help them and their right to return. The children who participated also gave a speech. 

In addition a speech was given in Borj Shamali camp by Mr. Ahmad Khodor, PLO, who praised the role played by local and international NGOs to provide all people in general, and the Palestinian diaspora in particular, with their right to live in dignity.  He thanked the ceremony’s organizers and attendees at the end. 

In Ein el Helwi camp, the popular committee secretary Mr. Abed Makdah gave a speech focusing on the Palestinians’ right to return. He also thanked all those who contributed to the ceremony, especially Naba’a organization which was and still is an important service provider for refugees inside and outside of Palestinian camps, promoting their right to return.