Entertaining Day for Children - Nahr el-Bared Camp

01 July 2017

Including the chains of activities done by Developmental Action Without Borders (Nabaa) in Nahr el-Bared Camp, Tripoli, Nabaa organized an event celebrating the psycho-social support project that was conducted on Friday. About 150 children attended this special event in addition to many other organizations and local institutions. The event included several and different types of activities:

  • Happiness is about enjoying my rights: where the children drew their rights from their point of view.
  • Handcrafts: doing handcrafts and distributing gifts to the children.
  • Playgroup: this aims to increase the cooperation and communication between the children.
  • Face painting: to paint the smile on the children’s faces too.

And finally playing games and having fun with the clowns.