Iftar for Nabaa Staff - North Centers

08 Jun 2017

Developmental Action Without Borders (Nabaa) arranged for an Iftar (breaking the fast) which gathered the staff of the North Centers (Tripoli) in the presence of the chairman and general manager of Nabaa Dr. Qassem Saad, the executive director Mr. Yasser Dawoud, North Area Supervisor Ms. Saliha Al Wannas, and members from Nabaa’s board of trustees; Alaa Hourani, Raed Ataya, Ali Sallam, Oday Al Hajj, and other employees from Nabaa centers in the North Area. This Iftar aims to enhance the relationships between the staff.

Dr. Qassem Saad started the Iftar with a welcoming word where he thanked them all for their hard efforts and great performance ensuring the idea of education in order to face life obstacles and get over them.

Added, our colleague Eyad Mosalli presented a portrait to Dr. Qassem Saad as an appreciation and gratitude for his support and encouragement.

Finally, the staff thanked Nabaa and the board of trustees for this Iftar where they felt blessed, and cordial like they are a one family.