Meeting with Key People in Saida

01 Dec 2013

Within the framework of the project “Certified Centers for Youth” funded by the Netherlands Embassy, Nabaa organized a meeting with key people in Saida on the 27th Nov 2013. Attending the meeting was Chargé d'Affaires of the Netherlands Embassy Mr. Yako Boss, the Mayor of the South represented by the President of Social Affairs in the South, men from religious communities, the Municipality’s Representative and local NGOs. The meeting began with a speech by Mr Boss where he spoke about the good relation between the embassy and the Palestinian and Lebanese people.  He also talked about the Embassy’s programs, especially those related to drug prevention and legal support for non-IDs Palestinians.  He added that their work with the local NGOs, especially with Nabaa is a good example of model relations between the Lebanese and Palestinian communities.

A presentation on the achievements of the project was presented focusing on preventative frameworks, awareness campaigns for children, youth, parents and local community on the risks of drugs, the methodology of attracting addicted people and intervention according to each case.  In addition, it covered intervention methodology and the coordination with NGOs for rehabilitation and re-introduction of addicts to communities.

The next meeting was with the Office of Drug Control in the South, whose figures and indicators show a increase of drug related situations among youth - the total number arrested up to end-Oct 2013 was 372, the number of addicted is 308, 9 of which are girls. The data showed it affects employees, students, poor and rich people. The percentage of youth aged under 20 is 3%, while those aged 21-30 is 48% and those aged 31-40 is 39%. These figures constitute a serious problem amongst a generation that has the potential to contribute and produce a lot for society and is therefore a danger to the continuation of the community.

The attendees focused on the seriousness of data that was presented and committed to reducing this trend.  They asked for the establishment of a security network to include governmental and local NGOs in order to protect youth from drug addiction.