Distribution of Money

22 July 2013

Mr. Qassem Saad, Chairman of Developmental Action without Borders Organization, Nabaa, the Deputy Chairman and the Executive Director, visited the Palestinian Syrian Refugees who have an overview of the current situation at Ein el Helweh camp. PLO General, Mr. Monir el Maqdah and a group from the popular committee accompanied the Nabaa team.
Mr. Saad indicated that there are shortcomings despite local NGOs working as hard as they can.  The needs are more than what they can provide. In addition he said that though the tragedies continue, they will not lose hope and will continue working with a conscience and a sense of responsibility for human rights. Nabaa distributed checks of 150-600 USD per family, to a total of 122 families. This financial contribution comes before Adha Eid. One of the refugees said he was astonished by Nabaa´s visit and it was the first time they had seen an NGO fulfill its promises.