“Right To a Future for People Affected by the Syrian Displacement Crisis "

Naba'a - Ein El Helwe center conducted an awareness sessions with the Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS) and Syrian refugees (SRS) about the legal issues they are facing.

Open Day

An open day was conducted at Borj Al shemali center.

The beginning of the new academic year at Naba'a - Ein El Helwe center

The educational program has been opened in the beginning of the new academic year at Developmental Action without Borders / Naba'a - Ein El Helwe center.

the new academic year 2017

The beginning of the new academic year

Back to school

In the context for the activities of back to school campaign

Youth Empowerment Project

The Second Summer Camp

International Youth Day

"International Youth Day"

Recreational Activity

Recreational activity for the women of the local community on the occasion of closing the training and starting the new

A Day in the Playground

The Children of Nabaa Center Burj Shemali Camp, Tyre spent a great entertaining time of singing, dancing, and playing in the playground.

"Why not"

Nabaa organized a trip to the Litani River entitled "Why not" for the youths with and without disabilities (males and females).

"Life Skills" Workshop 3

Developmental Action Without Borders (Nabaa) organized a workshop about "life skills" for the youth (males & females) at Qasmiyeh Center.

Outdoor Activities

Nabaa Center Burj Shemali Camp, Tyre organized outdoor activities for the children.

Recreational Trip

Aqua time, playing time, fun time.

Fish Anatomy

Nabaa Center in El Buss Camp, Tyre organized a visit to a seafood shop where the children got the full knowledge about..

"Play With Us"

Educational and recreational activities for children at Nabaa Center Burj Shemali Camp, Tyre.

Awareness Session "Summer Diseases"

An awareness session mothers and children aiming to aware them about the diseases that are commonly spread in summer.

Stand Up for Al-Aqsa Mosque

The children stood in support Al-Aqsa Mosque on what is happening of the Israeli violations.

Educationl, Sporty, and Recreational Activities!

Doing educational, sporty, and recreational activities at Nabaa Center Nahr el-Bared Camp, Tripoli.

Trip to Qasmiyeh Swimming Pools

Fun time, Sun time, Aqua time !! Trip for the children of Ein El Hilweh Center.