Child Rights International Day – Election of Children Committee

On the occasion of the Child Rights International Day, Developmental Action without Borders –Naba’a implemented in Tyre and Saida areas, an election open day aiming to establish a children committee.

Panel Discussion in Geneva

The Panel Discussion of Mr. Qassem Saad/Naba'a Chairman - General Director, during the CHS Alliance

Food and Non-Food Items Provision Project

Complementing "Food and Non-Food Items Provision to refugee camps in Lebanon"

Distribution of Food Items

Responding to the needs of displaced people from Ein el Hilweh camp due to the recent strugles, Nabaa assisted 1738 individuals with food items in the serrounding areas of Ein el Hilweh camp and 930 individual in al Mosali Mosque.

Togehter for Protecting Our Camp

Nabaa in partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinian -MAP implemented a children's marathon in Ein el Helwe camp.

Marathon in Ein el Hilweh Camp

Nabaa in partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinian -MAP cordially invite you to participate in the children's marathon in Ein el Helwe camp.

Children's Protection Committee Meeting

The meeting of Children's Protection committee has just finished, where it was grounded on the suffering of innocent people especially the children and women who are affected by the armed conflicts in Ein el Helwe camp. In the beginning of the meeting,

Training Psychosocial Workers

Nabaa in coordination with saint Joseph, implemented a workshop on case managment and psychosocial intervention for children and families, Dr. Vivian Toma had trained 14 psychosocial workers from Nabaa,

Iftar for Elderly People

On the 3rd of July 2015, Nabaa in coordination with the elderly nursing home in Nahr el Bard camp, had an iftar for 50 elderly people in the nursing home and send other elderly people whom didn't have the chance to join the iftar meals to their places.

Nabaa Participation in Germany

Nabaa participation presented by its Executive director- Mr. Yasser Dawoud in the workshop "local partners and the role of local actors in humanitarian assistance" in Genrmany,

Iftar Ramadan North

Within the framework of Nabaa activities in the North, we had launched iftar for 250 children (majority of them are displaced from Syria) and some of their parents, the local community and friends to Nabaa participated and supported the day.

UNICEF & Warchild Holland Visit to the North

UNICEF and Warchild Holland visited Nabaa in the north, to follow up activities in the area and to meet some refugees families.

Clothing Packages for Women Who Head their Families

12 & 13 May 2015 Nabaa in partnership with Johanniter distributed clothes kits for 750 women heading their families in North and Tyre areas.

EU Days

Nabaa participation in the European Union cooperation days in Lebanon, where the days focus on the cooperation and projects funded by the European Union.

Distribution EEH

Nabaa in partnership with Johanniter distributed food kits for 350 families (PRS,SRS and PRL) in Saida area.

Shooting the film on refugees

Nabaa and Tdh italy, the last day in shooting the film on Refugees...The music band "Js3" participated with the children in playing music and singing...thanks for drawing a smile on their faces...

Manara Children in Sweden

Children from MANARA network; Nabaa and Alef organizations; visited Save the Children offices in Sweden; their first day to Sweden was to introduce their concerns with regards to the situation of palestinian refugees children.

Visiting Saida Mayor

Nabaa managment team headed by its chairman/ General Director Mr. Qassem Saad, had visited the mayor of Saida municipality Mr. Mohammad Saoudi, where the meeting focused on disscussion on the current situation of Saida city, Nabaa new projects targeting refugees from Syria, as recently 1200 family were served by food and hygine items.

Confenernce on Human Rights

Nabaa in partnership with the European Union launched a conference on Human Rights entilted " Human Rights Starts with Community Actions towards Them".