First activity at Nabaa Center Kasmyyeh

First activity at Nabaa Center-Kasmyyeh

Awareness Session for Mothers about the Psychological Pressures

Awareness session for mothers about the psychological pressures that parents are exposed to

Awareness Session Entitled “Healthy Food”

Awareness session for children entitled “healthy food” at Community Development Center – Rashidyeh Camp

Daily Activities

Daily Activities - Nabaa Burj Shemali Center

The Syrian Students are Preparing for the Exams

Preparation of Syrian students in the morning for the midterm exams at Nabaa Canter – Buss Camp.

We Are Ready for Midterm Exams

We are ready for Mid_term Exams Nabaa Burj Shemali Center

Trip for the kids of Community Development Center

Trip for Community Development Center kids of Rashidyeh Camp to Sidon Garden and meeting with kids from Ain El-Helweh Camp

"Importance of Cleanliness" Activity

An activity about the importance of cleanliness, where kids did some activities to demonstrate the role of cleanliness in our lives.

Buss Kindergarten Trip to Tyre City Garden

Buss Kindergarten trip to Tyre City Garden

UNICEF Delegation Visit to Nabaa Center

UNICEF Delegation visit to Nabaa Centers at Tyre Area.

A Meeting Between the General Manager of Save The Children and Mr. Yasser Dawoud the Executive Manager of Nabaa

Looking into the cases and recommendations that are presented by the children committees, and making a tour in Nabaa Centers at Tyre.

Friday Activities

Doing Friday activities like: storytelling, painting, and playing for kids at Nabaa-Burj Shemali Camp - Tyre.

Wider Spaces Wider Opportunities Project

Wider Spaces Wider Opportunities project.

Meeting the Youth of Sidon & Tyre at a Training Workshop

Wider Spaces Wider Opportunities. Meeting the youth between Sidon & Tyre at a training workshop

Wider Spaces - Wider Opportunities Project

Wider Spaces Wider Opportunities project is completing the youth training of Tyre Area

Daily PSS Activities

Daily PSS Activities. Doing Painting Activities.

Building the Proficiency of Staff in Computer Skills

Building the capacity of staff in the Computer Skills at Nabaa Center Burj Shemali - Tyre

Importance of Learning Support Nabaa TDH project  Friday Activities

importance of learning support Nabaa_TDH project  Friday activities Buss center.