Mother's Day

"My Mom" Activity about how important our mothers are in our lives

Friday Activities

Friday activities with children

My Right to be Safe

Friday Activities

Teacher's Day Celebration with Children

Preparing a special celebration with children on the Teacher's Day

Teacher's Appreciation

Children's appreciation for their teachers

Teacher's Day

Teacher’s Day celebration by Nabaa Kindergarten kids and their teachers

International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Psychological Support Activities

Psychological Support Activities for mothers to enhance their health and personalities.

Safari Look for treasure

Safari Activity for children

"The Healthy Food" Activity

A common activity entitled “the healthy food” at Al-Shajra School for the primary one class \ El Buss Camp

“Let’s Play to Find Fun” Activity

The activity of the day “Let’s play to find Fun” at the public park/Tyre

The Periodic Meeting to Discuss the Latest Updates

The periodic meeting to discuss the latest updates regarding the cases by Save the Children committee at Ein El Hilweh Camp.

"Here We Feel Safe" Activity

Recreational Activity Nabaa Ein El Helwe Center HERE WE FEEL SAFE

Friday Activities 

Friday Activities, Recreational Activities, Visual Tricks Player, Dabkeh, Guitar Sessions.

"I Hope to Know the Limits of Your Body" Activity

"I hope to know the limits of your body is the title of our"

Activities and Remedial Education

Activities and scholastic support

Advocacy Campaign for People with Special Needs

Organization an advocacy campaign for people with special needs’ rights

“Cleanliness is the Base for Good Health” Activity

“cleanliness is the base for good health” to aware children about its importance

Friday Activities 

Friday Activities   Dabkah Guitar_Session Recreational_Activities

Social and Psychological Support Activities

Social and psychological support activities after finishing the exams at Buss Center.