Outdoor Cultural Activity

Outdoor cultural activities and library visit for the children of Nabaa Center Ein El Hilweh Camp, Saida

Spring Handcrafts

Children at Nabaa Center El Buss Camp are expressing their enjoyment by doing colorful handcrafts

Peer Groups Training

A peer groups training for the youth from Saida and Tyre by Wider Space Wider Opportunities

Psychosocial Support Activity for Mothers

A workshop for mothers entitled "My Psychological Health is My Right"

"She Deal" Honoring Ceremony

Nabaa team celebrated with the "She Deal" group after the successful completion of the methodology at Faloja UNRWA School in Ein El Hilweh Camp, Saida.

PSS Activities

KG Children had fun doing recreational activities at Nabaa Center El Buss Camp, Tyre.

Activities for Kinder Kids

Run, play, and laugh...

Recreational Activities

Doing activities and having fun..

Honoring Volunteers

Honoring a group of the volunteers of Developmental Action Without Borders...

PSS Activities

Nabaa team arranged lots of activities together for the students of Shajra School at El Buss Camp

Friday Activities - El Buss Center

Each Friday has several fun activities..

Friday Activities - Burj Shemali Center

Each Friday has several fun activities..

Summer Activities

Doing awareness summer activities for children about the personal hygiene

Thursday Activities

Doing several and different activities for mothers and children

Labor Day

Celebrating the Labor Day with the fathers of the children of Nabaa Center Burj Shemali Camp, Tyre.

Friday Activities

Friday activities for children of Nabaa Center El Buss Camp, Tyre.

Child Protection Network Celebration

Musical bands of Nabaa participated in the celebration of Child Protection Network..

Friday Activities

Children with and without disabilities are enjoying their time at the park at Tyre

Daily Activities

Diversified and helpful activities for children at Nabaa Center Burj Shemali, Tyre

Outdoor Activity

The KG children played together, ran, and painted..