World Refugee Day

Developmental Action without Borders – Naba’a, in partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and UNICEF commemorated the World Refugee Day on Friday the 20th of May 2014 in Borj Shamali camp – Tyre and Ein el Helwi camp – Saida area

Addiction Costs Your Life

Addiction costs you your life Within the framework of the “Certified Centers” project, funded by the Netherlands Embassy, an open day entitled: “Addiction costs you your life” was implemented on the 23rd of May by Developmental Action without Borders – Naba’a in partnership with the Lebanese University Institute of Technology in Saida

Johanniter Distributions

In the framework of the project implemented by Developmental Action without Borders, NABAA in partnership with Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfee, and donated by the German Foreign Ministry; entitled “Emergency Assistance for the Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS), the Syrian Refugees (SRS) and the Hosting Community”

Memorial Ceremony

A martyr for humanity, Press release of Memorial Ceremony of the beloved Tarek, 11 April 2014 at Saida Municipality

Memorial Ceremonly of Tarek

Nabaa and el Safadi family sadly invite you to the memorial of our beloved Tarek.

Death of Tarek

With great sadness and mourns Al Safadi Family and Developmental Action without Borders/Naba’a announce the death of their dearest Tarek Ahmad Al Safadi during his social and humanitarian duty

Opening Nabaa Center in Shabriha

Developmental Action without Borders-Nabaa opened its center in Shabriha gathering in south of Lebanon, the center will target children,

Visiting the palestinian ambassador

Developmental Action without Borders-Nabaa visited the Ambassador of Palestine in Lebanon H.E Ashraf Dabour, during the visit the chairman of Nabaa Mr. Qassem

Distribution of Gas Heater

Nabaa continues its warming winter with the Palestinian Syrian refugees and Syrian refugees.

Warm winter to 4000children

Nabaa…Warm winter Developmental Action without Border/Nabaa in coordination in with UNRWA Education Department and by the support of Johanniter distributed jackets for 4000 children in El Buss, Rahsidieh, Borj el Shamali, Ein el Helweh, weavel, Nahr el Bard and Baddawi camps.

Helping Women in War Times

“Helping Women in War Times” Nabaa in partnership Foundation for Future and Solidarity organization launched report on the monitoring the violations against women and PRA results

Sports Day in the Lebanese University

Within the framework of Certified centers project that is funded by the Netherlands embassy Nabaa in partnership with the Lebanese university in Saida and parents committee to control drugs a sportive day “ Yes to sport…No to drugs” on 27 Nov 2013, the day came as a closure to the sportive cycle “Independence day”.

Meeting with Key People in Saida

Nabaa has launched a meeting with the key persons in Saida area on the 27th of Nov 2013. Charge D'Affaires of the Netherlands Embassy Mr. Yako Boss, the mayor of the south

يوم مفتوح في القاسمية

Nabaa and Save the Children implemented an open day at Qasmieh targeted 350 children and mother. The day aimed to reduce the tension among PRS and PRL children in addiction to adding joy and happiness to them.....

Distribution of Mattresses distribution by Johanniter

Developmental Action without Borders-Nabaa distributed 1200 mattresses and sheets for Palestinian Refugees Syrian and 400 mattresses and sheets for the hosting families in eight camps

Protect, Warm and Feed PRS

Protect, Warm and Feed 100 Refugee Children from Syria....Click the link and know more how you can support Syrian refugee children....

Problems Facing Palestinian Youth in the Camps

Under the patronage of the president of Tyre municipalities and in the presence of popular communities, local & international NGOs, youth activist representatives from three camps: Rashidieh, Borj el Barajeneh and shatila, Developmental Action without Borders/Nabaa -project partners (CYC & PWHO)-in partnership with the European Union had launched a research on the problems facing the Palestinian y

Supporting Refugees

25 July 2013 In the frame work of supporting the refugees, the chairman of Developmental Action without Borders/ Nabaa – Mr. Qassem Saad checked out the situation of the refugees from Syria

Distribution of Money

Nabaa distributed checks (150-600 USD) per family (the total benefited families are 122). This financial contribution comes before Adha Eid.

Nabaa & OCHA

Developmental Action without Borders Nabaa in partnership OCHA support 313 Palestinian Syrian Family in palestinian Refugees camps in Lebanon.