Launching PWDS

31 Dec 2016

Wider spaces – Wider opportunities: Launch of Nabaa’s project on economic and social inclusion of Palestinian youth with and without disabilities in Lebanese refugee camps
On April 28, 2016, Naba’a launched a new 2 year project as a response to the lack of employment and social perspectives that the youth face. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation and implemented in partnership with Johanniter International Assistance.

The project takes a disability-inclusive approach ensuring that youth with disabilities equally benefit from and participate in the project activities. As such, the overall goal is to improve the economic and social participation of at least 540 Palestinian youth with and without disabilities in three Lebanese camps near Saida and Tyre. The project combines vocational counseling and training with internship and on-the-job training opportunities as well as inclusive social activities to support positive peer relationships between youth with and without disabilities. A third advocacy component brings together various stakeholders to sensitize on and promote persons with disabilities’ right to work.

The aim of the project launch was to inform key stakeholders about the project and key activities. The workshop was attended by about 37 participants that included representatives from LNGOs (Lebanese and Palestinians), UNRWA, Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Vocational training centers in Tyre and Saida, Palestinian Disability Forum and Popular committees. The participants made use of this opportunity to discuss key issues related to persons’ with disabilities access to work and identify their expectations, role and contribution in the implementation. Over the next two months the project team will undertake a market study and results will be shared.