Environment Supportive Campaign - Beddawi Camp

05 Jun 2017

On World Environment Day (5/6/2017), Developmental Action Without Borders (Nabaa) arranged for an environment supportive campaign entitled “Nabaa is Friendly Environment” for the children and their parents in Beddawi Mountain, Beddawi Camp and its suburbs.

The campaign started in front of the Nabaa Center in Beddawi Mountain, where about 150 children participated in this campaign holding slogans to save the environment that walked along Beddawi camp and Beddawi mountain areas.

And the children visited the Beddawi Camp Officer and the UNRWA Health Section Coordinator where the latter delivered a speech about the environment. Added, the Beddawi Camp Officer thanked the team of Developmental Action Without Borders (Nabaa) for their great efforts and continuous care about the environment.